We can see a direct correlation between NPOs that have budget for social media and higher levels or reported success for each of their social media objectives.

This is not surprising, particularly when it comes to Facebook. Since Facebook does not differentiate between NPO Facebook pages, the system is set up to encourage the use of paid advertising. Achieving a decent reach organically (i.e. without paying) for a Facebook page or individual posts is becoming increasingly difficult.

While most NPOs balk at the thought of investing money in social media, Facebook advertising can be tightly targeted to specific demographics, website audiences and mailing lists. This means that even small investments in Facebook advertising (for example, R250 – R500 per month) will likely result in an exponential increase in reach and related success towards social media objectives.

IMAGE: How having a dedicated social media budget impacts on fundraising, promoting events, communicating with clients, marketing/branding, community building/networking, curating useful news. Via South African Nonprofits and Social Media Survey 2015-2016 (pg.8).

Having a dedicated budget no doubt impacts on your NPO’s social media success, however, consider the following as well:


Extract from South African Nonprofits and Social Media Survey 2015-2016. Click here to download your copy.