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Voice and visibility work together to advance organisations’ objectives. Voice is about the organisations’ points of view on issues as relates to the work they do, the sector they work in, and the environment in which they operate more broadly. It requires a cognisance of the external environment and acknowledgement that they don’t work in isolation. It relates to the organisation’s view on issues relating to where they’re based, as well as national and international considerations. Visibility is about how organisations are profiled and positioned, the awareness and interest an organisation is able to generate about its work, the issues, the sector, etc. There are different tools that can be used to create visibility; these tools can be used to amplify an organisation’s voice. Voice and visibility are key to building relationships with various stakeholders in the external environment.

What you’ll find in this category are articles to help you activate your voice while improving visibility; tips and tools to help you to align your content to your organisation’s objectives; and ideas on how to build online relationships using a variety of platforms.


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