Author: Ruendree Govinder

Website Evaluation Checklist

Your website is a public face of your organisation. It is important that it accurately represents who you are. Here are some questions to help you evaluate whether you have an effective website. TECHNICAL - Does your site load quickly? - Does your site read well on a mobile phone or tablet? - Have you tested the site on different computers and web browsers? - Do you use good tracking software, like Google Analytics, to draw stats on your website visitors? This is crucial to helping you understand how your website is being used. DESIGN- Is your logo and name clear to read? - Is there an accessible, easy-to-find tagline? - Are the colours and style in line with your organizational brand? - Are the images appropriate for your work? (NB: Avoid blurry, confusing cellphone photos at all costs!) HOMEPAGE- Can a visitor tell who you are and what you do in a few seconds? - Do you feature images of people? - Is the impact and/or context of your work easy to gauge? NAVIGATION- It is easy to find important content in the site? - Are the menu items clear and intuitive? CONTENT- Is your text written for the web, in clear, concise language, using bullet points and descriptive headlines? - How fresh is your content? Are the dates on your most recent posts less than a month...

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