Human Capacity

People remain an organisation’s most valuable asset. Whether engaged in programme or Advancement activities, organisations should seek to employ staff with the right skills, experience and attitude. Within the Advancement paradigm – where various areas of work are integrated – everyone has a role to play in the sustainability of the organisation; all activities contribute to Advancement objectives – it isn’t limited to the leadership nor fundraising teams. Moreover, when looking at an organisation’s capacity in terms of its people, remember to consider the role of board members, volunteers, partners, etc. This section features articles on mapping your organisation’s key stakeholders; managing human capacity as part of your Advancement planning; tips on identifying roles and responsibilities, skills, qualities, experiences to consider for your organisation.

Board Cultivation

At Inyathelo, we call attention to the need to constantly cultivate relationships with potential donors, investors and supporters as one of the foundations to attracting resources. Relationships take time and effort to develop. Building a successful relationship with potential board members may also take time.

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