Leadership is about nurturing the vision and driving the strategy of an organisation – looking at factors and developments both internal and external to the organisation, and cultivating multi-stakeholder relationships accordingly. Leadership is concerned with the sustainability of the organisation and seeks to garner support by ensuring that the various aspects of organisational life work together in an integrated way – from financial management to evaluating the organisation’s work. The leader of an organisation works closely with board members and is accountable to the governing body; and it serves as a thought leader, advisor and reference for organisational staff and various stakeholders. The leadership role interacts intimately with organisational voice and visibility: it is often the leader who advocates on sectoral or organisational issues through various tools of visibility, and it is often voice and visibility that builds the profile of leadership.

In this section you’ll find resources on leadership as it relates to leading; distinctions between leadership and management; roles and responsibilities of the board, CEO/Executive Director; and planning as pertains to succession and relationship building with key stakeholders.


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