Many non-profits place a donate button on their website and are disappointed that money doesn’t start rolling in immediately. A donate button is like putting a jar on the reception desk and hoping that people will drop in a few rands as they walk by – not exactly a solid fundraising strategy!

Online fundraising follows the same rules as offline fundraising. You need:

  • a compelling reason for people to support you;
  • communication and marketing of that reason to as many people as possible;
  • an easy and accessible way for people to give you money;
  • to build relationships with your donors (e.g. say thank you, follow up with them about how the money was used to benefit your cause, contact them about further fundraising drives.)

Online fundraising still has to be integrated with your overall communications and fundraising strategies.  Just because you put a donate button on your page doesn’t mean that “the computer” now runs your fundraising.

Reference and Resource

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