It’s not about the numbers. We often get caught up in chasing “likes” and building the numbers of followers but what we need to focus on is building a following. It is more useful to have 100 likes on Facebook if those 100 people engage with your work, comment, like and share your work with other people, than it is to have 1000 likes from people who seem to ignore everything you post.



70-20-10 rule

“When you do post, it is useful to follow the 70/20/10 rule. 10% of your content should be “promotional” e.g. advertising your events, asking for donations; 20% should be sharing other people’s ideas or Facebook posts; 70% should be about building your brand and sharing content related to your work. However, you should be creative about how you share your content. Don’t simply post articles from your website or blog. Use infographics, pictures, videos and relevant quotes to engage your users. The more “frivolous” content is inevitably the most popular, but it helps build your audience and this means there will be more people listening when you’re sharing more serious issues. Just make sure your less serious content is still in line with your brand and your message.

Finally, set a budget. Facebook advertising is cheap and effective. Spending as little at R30 to promote a post can mean it will be seen by 700 people instead of 30 people.” – Ruendree Govinder.


Ruendree Govinder: Interiority Consulting

The Non-Profit Network