Pinterest is fast becoming a tool that NPOs are using to position their organisation’s voice within the sector. The Non-Profit Network highlights 10 reasons why NPOs should consider joining pinterest. Have a read to see if this could be a social media tool that your organisation might consider using to communicate the work good that you are doing.



Adapted from 10 reasons why NPOs should consider joining pinterest.

It’s up to you which tool you choose to use to get your organisation’s voice out there. Using social media is about being effective and it’s really about advancing our cause – it is all about communicating what we understand to be our purpose as an organisation to an external audience. The tool chosen to do this depends on resources, reach, access and audience.


Presentation at the 2013 Inyathelo Advancement Academy for NPOs: Websites and social media for nonprofits by Ruendree Govinder

Website: The Nonprofit Network website will also give access to the following:

  • Free tutorials on the best ways to use your website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for your nonprofits
  • Case studies on South African NGOs who are using social media effectively
  • Free e-books on websites, social media and newsletters for your non-profit

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