Who is responsible for building your relationships? How will you communicate what you need? What qualities should your spokesperson have? Have a look at our 6 keys to building external relationships for answers to these questions!

It is essential to think about who is responsible for building relationships, and how you will communicate what you need. In deciding who could build relationships on behalf of your NPO, assess these options:

  • Can your board do this?
  • Which staff members can do this?
  • Can some of your beneficiaries open doors for you?
  • Can any of your existing supporters introduce you to others?

Your spokesperson should have:

  • A detailed understanding of everything your NPO does – why, where and how it does it (“speaking with one voice builds confidence in your NPOs”)
  • Strong communication skills, including good writing and speaking skills, and the ability to speak the languages spoken in the communities you serve.

Here’s a look at 6 keys to building external relationships:

  • Be committed
  • Be cost effective
  • Be helpful
  • Be honest
  • Be memorable
  • Be sincere

Remember: People give to people. Not to organisations, mission statements or strategies.” Ken Burnett


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