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Why go it alone and practise info-social distancing when many knowledge resources are freely available? Inyathelo offers numerous publications that cover everything from concise pocket guides to in-depth research studies. These...

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Women Give 2021: How Households Make Giving Decision Who decides about charitable giving in households? Researchers have asked this question for decades, but over the last year as the Women’s Philanthropy Institute has sought to...

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Food relief

Read about the legal aspects of setting up feeding schemes and soup kitchens, and how to avoid large gatherings. Food Banks and Animal-Rights Groups Rank High Among Nonprofits Young Americans Support in Covid Crisis During the...

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Thought Leadership

My thoughts on the shifts that this pandemic may encourage in South Africa COVID-19 will change everything. Like a defining moment in history (such as the Great Depression, 1st and 2nd World Wars, 9/11 and the 1994 elections in...

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