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Fundraising is key to an organisation enhancing its sustainability. It is about understanding an organisation’s case for doing its work; understanding who its stakeholders are; cultivating relationships; creating opportunities for people and grantmakers to give; and nurturing the commitments it has received. Building relationships and raising support for an organisation is facilitated by the strategic use of fundraising tools…beyond proposals!

This category allows you to look at some of the different fundraising tools you can activate for identifying prospective supporters, building and maintaining relationships with them.


What is Advancement?

Advancement is not just a euphemism for fundraising – it’s about building, maintaining and improving support, skills and funds for your organisation or institution.

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What is a case for support?

Before you can communicate what you need from a donor, you have to be clear about what you are doing and what you need to move forward. Once you know what you plan to do, what you need to do it and what it will cost, it is time to write your “case for support”.

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What is prospect research?

Prospect research identifies, analyses, and recommends avenues of financial support so that the fundraising goals of a non-profit organisation can be realised.
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