Fundraising, Sustainability and Risk

One of the key leadership areas noted in the Independent Code of Governance speaks to Fundraising, sustainability and risk. It is the Board’s responsibility not only to monitor expenditures and appropriation of funds, but also to ensure that the organisation remains adequately funded; and that it will be in a position to meet its anticipated costs and commitments to employees, beneficiaries and, importantly, to SARS.

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Managing Multiple Donors

Donors can change their minds about the sectors they want to support or they can be affected by the economic climate and therefore cut back their commitments. As good practice, therefore, organisations should have a range of donors from various sectors, including individuals, local private foundations, the corporate sector, and international foundations and agencies.

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What is diversification?

Donors are far more likely to continue to support organisations that are well governed and supported by a variety of funders and sources of money. Diversification means that your NPO diversifies or finds its funding from a wider range of supporters or donors.

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