Strategy & Planning

Strategy starts to ask the questions around what an organisation aims to do – its objectives – given its context, and Planning asks the questions about how an organisation intends on achieving those. Strategy is about scanning and understanding the external environment and creating relevant responses. Planning is about mapping out the activities directed towards achieving the set objectives; it involves looking at the people – skills and experience, finances, processes, timelines, etc. required to do the work.

In this category you'll find resources on strategic thinking for complex (and uncertain) environments; material on what strategy entails; and examples of various templates and documentation you can use to inform your plans. 


Strategy and Planning

There is an important difference between the concepts of ‘strategy’ and ‘planning’. Strategy is about how an organisation relates to factors (usually external) that are not under its control. Planning is how the organisation deals with issues under its control. Strategic planning is about integrating these two processes.

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