Choosing the correct people to build relationships with requires that you know who you would like to help spread your organisation’s news to the outside world, as well as who will support your work and is willing to associate themselves with your NPO.

To be successful, your organisation needs to build relationships with financial donors and a wider range of other stakeholders – people who are respected and who play a role in different sectors in the outside world. Some of these stakeholders may already be part of your networks – people with similar interests or concerns who you stay in touch with to give each other support or advice.

Your relationship map can be informed by your answers to the following questions:

  • Who would help you to spread news of your NPO to the outside world?
  • Who would support your work and be willing to associate themselves with your NPO?

Examples include:

  • Journalists to help raise awareness and put your views across if you are running an advocacy campaign
  • University professors or lectures to help you with your research so you have a better understanding of the community you work in
  • Local, provincial and national government representatives who you can possibly partner with to achieve your objectives
  • Your beneficiaries – the people you serve and help so that you better understand their real needs and challenges
  • International representatives, such as people from embassies, or international organisations to take your message to the outside world
  • Other NPOs doing similar work to your organisation so that you can partner with them to reach more people or present a common message to people you are trying to influence

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