cycleoffundFundraising is not begging. This is a big mistake that many organisations make. If you feel you are begging for money, then this becomes an unpleasant experience.

When you raise money from people who are passionate about what you are doing, you are actually providing them with an opportunity to achieve something special as your partner rather than simply as your donors.

There are many benefits you give donors including:

  • Giving them the privilege of working with you.
  • Giving them the opportunity to build a community.
  • Giving them a chance to be involved in a world beyond their own.
  • Giving them a chance to become activists even if they are not working with you on the ground.
  • Sharing your achievements and feeling good about the work they have helped you do.

The key to fundraising is to move away from begging and to ensure that your organisation can attract money and supporters. You do this by:

  • Building relationships with people.
  • Building confidence and trust in your NPO, your staff and your ability to deliver to your beneficiaries.

Fundraising involves 4 repeating steps:

  1. Prospect research – identifying donors
  2. Cultivation – building relationships and friendships with people who may support you.
  3. Solicitation – negotiating and asking for support.
  4. Stewardship – looking after your donors so that they will keep on giving.