Donor funding is always affected by local, national and global contexts.  It is therefore important for every organisation to ensure that it has an understanding of the world in which it is operating.  

In the early 21st Century, the world is facing a degree of uncertainty with transformation taking place across the globe.  This includes changes in Middle East regimes; geographical power shifts and the rise of China, Russia, Brazil and India; greater security concerns that cross borders; transnational organised crime and its links with corruption and criminal states; globalisation – both in business and the non-profit sector; a difficult economic climate including a recession and the growing issue of global warming and the environmental impact our society has on the planet.

At the same time we are in some ways living in a kinder world where there is more awareness of the need to address issues of poverty, equity and human rights.  This is often just lip service, but there are indications that these issues are taken into account, even if not acted upon.

Can you make links as to which of these (and others) could potentially affect your fundraising & programmatic goals?