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Raising Funds in the COVID-19 Era
During this virtual panel, you will hear from nonprofit leaders at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), the American Red Cross, the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO), and Candid that have experience mobilizing funds during moments of crisis. They will reflect and draw on lessons learned and best practices from past experiences and will speak to short, medium, and long-term fundraising tactics nonprofits can employ during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Click here for more details.
Stress Webinar Part 1: Stress 101
The first part of the webinar series was hosted last week Wednesday, 23 March 2022, from 12pm - 1pm. With over 120 attendees and over 60 different organizations that attended, we discussed various topics which included the definition of stress and stressors, chronic stress and how you can help identify stress for yourself. We also unpacked the symptoms of stress, good stress vs bad stress and how you can better manage these for yourself. Click here for more details.
Trialogue webinar: Business and human rights
On 24 March 2022, responsible business consultancy Trialogue held a webinar to discuss how South African companies fare and how they can move beyond compliance and embed human rights within their organisations. The panellists were Gugu McLaren-Ushewokunze, head of social transformation at the National Business Initiative (NBI), Lindo Khuzwayo, strategic engagement principal at Anglo American Platinum, and Marina Madale, general manager: sustainability and shared value at MTN. Click here for more details.
How to Make the Most of Your Giving Day: Lessons from GivingTuesday & the Latest Trends
Looking at lessons learned from 2020, and current and projected trends for 2021. People are highly motivated right now, and giving them the opportunity to give back in their communities is effective and important. Click here for more details.
Project Management Course by Strategia Netherlands
The Topics to cover: 1. What is a project?/ What is Project Management? 2. Key Concepts used in Project Management. 3. Key Phases of the Project Life Cycle. 4. Project Planning. 5. Challenges in Project Management. 6. Key Constraints of Project Management & their Management 7. Key Competencies of a Project Manager. 8. Participants’ Feedback Session. Click here for more details.
Introduction to Proposal Writing and Fundraising Course by Strategia Netherlands
Course Outline: 1) Introduction to NGO Fundraising 2) Key Concepts used in Fundraising 3) Tips for successful fundraising 4) Components of a proposal Document 5) Reasons for Proposal decline Click here for more details.
Water Sanitation and Hygiene Course by Strategia Netherlands
Course Topics: 1. Introduction to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 2. Global Distribution of Fresh Water 3. Overview of SPHERE Standards. 4. The Significance of the F-Diagram in WASH Interventions. 5. Overview of Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS). 6. Participants’ Feedback Session. Click here for more details.
Online Fundraising Strategies Webinar by Strategia Netherlands
To benefit more kindly register for a course and we shall walk you through an indepth training to fundraise like a pro. Click here for more details.
Fundraising Tips During Covid-19 Crisis
Take advantage of the Covid-19 funds set aside for you with this 2021 tips from Strategia Netherlands Click here for more details.
How to save an NGO
In this webinar, we look at our turnaround experience helping financially distressed NGOs over the past 10 years. Hear about past and current case studies (with permission of our clients) and learn about the top three factors that make a turnaround successful. Click here for more details.
Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation by Strategia Netherlands
Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation by Strategia Netherlands. Courtesy of Strategia Netherlands and Capacity Africa. Click here for more details.
Successful NGO Fundraising Webinar by Strategia Netherlands
SUCCESSFUL NGO FUNDRAISING WEBINAR Course outline: 1. Understanding NGO fundraising environment. 2. Some reasons why proposals are often declined. 3. A highlight of some sources of donors. Courtesy of CEO John Karegwa and Strategia Netherlands and Capacity Africa. Click here for more details.
Monitoring and Evaluation Course by Strategia Business School (FREE)
Course Outline: Introduction to monitoring and evaluation terms and concepts The difference between monitoring and evaluation The need for monitoring and evaluation in development projects Monitoring in all process of the project cycle Types of indicators and identifying outcome indicators for your project Monitoring and evaluation framework Introduction to monitoring and evaluation plan Logical framework Writing an effective M/E report Communication of M&E findings for action and accountability Click here for more details.
Grants Management Course by Strategia Netherlands
The Course Topics are as below: 1. Introduction to Grants Management. 2. Grant Types: Grant Application & Proposals. 3. Grant Management Life Cycle. 4. Grant Management Key Issues. 5. Contract Management. 6. Participants Feedback Session Click here for more details.
How To Know If Your Fundraising Staff Is Leaving Money On The Table
All right, well, cool. Good afternoon, everybody. Good morning, I should say if you’re out on the West Coast. And if you’re watching the recording, I hope you’re having a good day no matter where you are. We’re here to talk about whether or not your fundraising staff is leaving money on the table. Don’t want that. Oh, I love that topic. So thanks for being here. We’re going to have fun over the next hour. So I’m Steven. I’m over here at Bloomerang. And I’ll be moderating today’s discussion as always. Click here to watch the full recording.
Strategia Netherlands Online Courses
Strategia Netherlands offers Online courses targeted at the Humanitarian and Development Community such as Non Governmental Organizations and the United Nations. Click here for more details.
How to Plan a Year of Virtual Fundraising

Replay from the live webinar held on February 23, 2021

Featuring: Sandy Rees with Get Fully Funded Hosted by: Funding for Good Click here for more details.
Alliance webinar: Future of philanthropy in the Arab region
As part of Alliance magazine’s anniversary celebrations this year, celebrating Alliance’s 25 years at the heart of global philanthropy, we have launched a series of events on what the future of philanthropy holds in different regions of the world. This webinar focused on the who, what, where and how of Arab philanthropy, in partnership with Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) and sponsored by the Centre for Strategic Philanthropy, Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. Click here for more details.
Racial equity, social justice, and their intersections with sustainability: A discussion series
Panelists discussed how Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion managers need to work together, as well as the need to address how sustainability managers can elevate their status and have a seat at the table. Click here for more details.
Crisis in Context: The #1 Thing Social Sector Leaders Must Do to Maximize Resilience and Impact in Times of Crisis On-Demand Webinar
This webinar offers funders, philanthropists, nonprofits, and public sector agencies a timely blend of thought leadership practical guidance, focused on the ways organizations can "flip the script" or partner in new ways to increase social sector resilience and maximize shared impact. Click here for more details.
How Nonprofits and Funders Should Work Together
2020 will undoubtedly be a year for the history books. And while many nonprofits have struggled this year between moving services remote, uncertainty around funding or even risk of closure, it doesn't mean you have to see a decrease in funding opportunities heading into the new year. Click here for more details.
COVID One Year Later: What Have We Learned About Fundraising?
Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE will show how organizations have survived and even thrived during this unprecedented time and how you can use this information to make your organization even stronger going forward. Click here for more details.
WOMEN OF THE DIASPORA - Gender and Race Discrimination
This summit addresses the problems of discrimination and violence faced by women and girls, particularly those from the African Diaspora, who face both gender and race discrimination and violence. The summit identifies solutions, possible solutions, and explores relationships to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal #5, Gender Equality, as we work towards creating a more equitable world. Click here for more details.
Keeping Major Donors Close in a Socially Distanced World
Tammy Zonker, Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Children's Center of Wayne County; President, Fundraising Transformed, Detroit USA Click here for more details
Non-Profits and the Reset Message: What Awaits Philanthropy Post-Lockdown?
On Wednesday, 10th June, Community Chest Leadership and Training Institute hosted a Facebook Live webinar with: Nazeema Mohamed – CEO of Inyathelo | The South African Institute for Advancement, Professor Eric Atmore – Director of Centre for Early Childhood Development and Lorenzo Davids - CEO of Community Chest. The discussion was: Non-Profits and the Reset Message: What Awaits Philanthropy Post-Lockdown? Click here to watch the full webinar. 
Attaining Corporate and Philanthropic Support During COVID-19
In this video, Candid, Common Impact, and Good 360 will discuss how the philanthropic and corporate sectors, respectively, can leverage their full suite of assets – funding, in-kind donation, and skilled employees – to support the nonprofit sector’s disaster preparedness and long-term recovery support. Click here for more details.
48 Free Nonprofit Webinars on various topics
This month, once again, it's full of helpful resources for general nonprofit management, as well as insights and tips on how nonprofits can weather the COVID-19 storm and prepare for when the crisis is over. Topics include marketing, volunteer management, nonprofit grants, virtual fundraising, corporate giving, membership management and much more. I'm also happy to introduce Targeted Impact, a new Wild Apricot webinar series. Join these free weekly Q&A sessions with nonprofit experts and get your questions answered on all things nonprofit management and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more details.
Financial Management in uncertain times webinar
Top Ten Reasons for Good Financial Management in uncertain times 1. To be accountable to the people who give us money 2. To be accountable to the communities we work with 3. To be able to produce financial statements for regulatory bodies 4. To minimise fraud, theft and abuse of resources 5. To enable staff to make better decisions on the use of funds 6. To achieve the objectives of the organization 7. To enhance the credibility of the organization 8. To strengthen the fundraising efforts 9. To get better value for our money 10. To plan for the future and become more financially secure Click here for free resources. Click here for more details.
Humentum's webinar on Resource Mobilization
We hope you enjoyed Humentum's webinar on Resource Mobilization within our Africa COVID-19 Support series. You can find the recording linked below. To view the section with presenter Rose Maruru we recorded after, please visit this folder: We will be sending an additional follow-up email with the slides and other resources shortly. Contact for more questions: Sareta Thomas Regional Director, Africa, Humentum AND - Don't miss Humentum's OpEx Africa Online conference Buy one registration and bring a friend for free! Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: Click here to watch the video recording.
SAMEA: The role of Monitoring & Evaluation in Government Interventions: Lessons from the current COVID-19 Pandemic
At the close of 2019 (December) and shortly before New Year 2020 set in, news streamed from Wuhan, China of an outbreak of the now global nuisance –the corona virus (COVID 19). Few people across the world could have picked interest in such a story then but its ravaging impact has almost made every person aware of not only its danger but the various dimensions it y has taken to the global society at ransom. Nobody has the cure yet and most interventions being tried by various countries have not been based on sound evidence; at least from the monitoring and evaluation vocabulary. Click here for more details.
How Nonprofits Are Responding and Adapting to Change During COVID-19
All of us are getting to grips with a new reality in the midst of this global outbreak. Operating models, programs and services, and fundraising strategies all need to pivot or be reimagined. This has meant a lot of change for many, and fast. Every crisis comes with its challenges, but also offers the opportunity for us to come together, and discover new ways to adapt and evolve. Click here for more details.
The African Academy of Sciences
Topics include • Governments need to invest in human capital, focus on public health infrastructure • Mental Health Aspects of the COVID-19 Crisis in Africa Click here for more details.