Staying at home needn’t limit your networking. Join a webinar or virtual conference.

Raising Funds in the COVID-19 Era
During this virtual panel, you will hear from nonprofit leaders at the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), the American Red Cross, the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO), and Candid that have experience mobilizing funds during moments of crisis. They will reflect and draw on lessons learned and best practices from past experiences and will speak to short, medium, and long-term fundraising tactics nonprofits can employ during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Click here for more details.
What Will it Take to Transform the Food System? Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Series Theme: Justice, Human Rights and Development Community Chest and Southern Africa Food Lab Conversation Three: What Will it Take to Transform the Food System? Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic? In this webinar we explored what thoughts, actions and capacities are required to enable us to build a more equitable food system. Panellists. Lorenzo Davids – CEO Community Chest. Tatjana Von Bormann – WWF: Programme Impact Lead and Chairperson: Southern Africa Food Lab. Ralph Hamann – Professor at UCT GSB and Advisory Board member: Southern Africa Food Lab. Click here for more details.
Technical excellence, a great database and deep insight into donors are important for great fundraisers, but you can have that and yet still not succeed. Fear and uncertainty (mainly amongst non-professional-fundraisers) are the biggest organisational problems in fundraising in general, and right now that challenge has just been dialled up in extremis for many organisations: Overcoming the fears of fundraising of the rest of the organisation is where the fundraiser can step up in 2020. This is why Philanthropy & Fundraising International has recorded Alan Clayton’s The Lockdown Keynote: ‘Fundraising Bounce-back’, for fundraisers, non-profit leaders and boards globally to watch for free. Click here for more details.
WOMEN OF THE DIASPORA - Gender and Race Discrimination
This summit addresses the problems of discrimination and violence faced by women and girls, particularly those from the African Diaspora, who face both gender and race discrimination and violence. The summit identifies solutions, possible solutions, and explores relationships to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly goal #5, Gender Equality, as we work towards creating a more equitable world. Click here for more details.
Unleashing the new global university A series of challenging conversations
The pandemic has disrupted higher education international activities and the income on which universities increasingly depend. But the previous model was already problematic, contributing to global warming and benefitting rich universities more than poor. Unleashing the new global university is a series of virtual events in which we invite innovative, international and local speakers to have challenging conversations that help us rethink global collaborations for a sustainable and equitable planet. Click here for more details. 
Keeping Major Donors Close in a Socially Distanced World
Tammy Zonker, Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Children's Center of Wayne County; President, Fundraising Transformed, Detroit USA Click here for more details
PLAAS Webinar: Democratising South Africa’s food system in and beyond the crisis
Democratising South Africa’s food system in and beyond the crisis Thursday, 21 May 2020 at 13:00 Join PLAAS for the next webinar in this series. This webinar, “Democratising South Africa’s food system in and beyond the crisis”, explores corporate domination in the South African food system. Our food system regularly fails to provide affordable nutritious food to the majority of the population—now more than ever. During the Covid-19 lockdown, the fault lines of corporate domination in the food system have been exposed. Supply chains linking commercial farms to big food manufacture to supermarkets are largely intact and shelves are stocked, but food prices are escalating. Yet locked out of this system are vast numbers of small-scale farmers, who have now lost their access to informal markets. Food relief efforts have reinforced this divide by pouring money from government, social solidarity and the private sector into the corporate food system. What is to be done? Click here for more details.
Non-Profits and the Reset Message: What Awaits Philanthropy Post-Lockdown?
On Wednesday, 10th June, Community Chest Leadership and Training Institute hosted a Facebook Live webinar with: Nazeema Mohamed – CEO of Inyathelo | The South African Institute for Advancement, Professor Eric Atmore – Director of Centre for Early Childhood Development and Lorenzo Davids - CEO of Community Chest. The discussion was: Non-Profits and the Reset Message: What Awaits Philanthropy Post-Lockdown? Click here to watch the full webinar. 
Attaining Corporate and Philanthropic Support During COVID-19
In this video, Candid, Common Impact, and Good 360 will discuss how the philanthropic and corporate sectors, respectively, can leverage their full suite of assets – funding, in-kind donation, and skilled employees – to support the nonprofit sector’s disaster preparedness and long-term recovery support. Click here for more details.
Cross Continental Dialogues on higher education “How are universities coping with the Covid – 19 crisis
Organised jointly by the embassies, in Pretoria, of Finland, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Department of Science and Innovation, the webinar, titled Cross-continental dialogues on Higher Education: How are universities coping with the COVID-19 crisis. The event enabled the sharing of experiences between South African and European universities regarding emergency remote learning that universities were forced to implement in 2020 — in response to COVID-19. Click here for more details.
48 Free Nonprofit Webinars on various topics
This month, once again, it's full of helpful resources for general nonprofit management, as well as insights and tips on how nonprofits can weather the COVID-19 storm and prepare for when the crisis is over. Topics include marketing, volunteer management, nonprofit grants, virtual fundraising, corporate giving, membership management and much more. I'm also happy to introduce Targeted Impact, a new Wild Apricot webinar series. Join these free weekly Q&A sessions with nonprofit experts and get your questions answered on all things nonprofit management and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for more details.
PLAAS Webinar: How to change the food system–perspectives from consumer cooperatives.
The power of supermarkets in South Africa’s food system means the value from high consumer prices does not benefit farmers or farmworkers. Neither food producers nor consumers benefit from this system. This is not unique as the same trend characterises most markets across Europe. Recalibrating the system would require system-wide governance reforms. It would also have to support small-scale producers’ access to input and output markets. While widely discussed, little attention is being paid to alternative consumer cooperatives. The world’s largest and longest lasting cooperatives are, in fact, consumer cooperatives. These co-ops established from Italy to New York work to tackle the injustice of the corporate food system. This webinar will unpack experiences of consumer cooperatives. It will also explore the rise of mutual aid societies and food relief initiatives during the Covid-19 crisis, and what opportunities they offer to shift the power balance in SA’s food system. Click here to watch the webinar.
Financial Management in uncertain times webinar
Top Ten Reasons for Good Financial Management in uncertain times 1. To be accountable to the people who give us money 2. To be accountable to the communities we work with 3. To be able to produce financial statements for regulatory bodies 4. To minimise fraud, theft and abuse of resources 5. To enable staff to make better decisions on the use of funds 6. To achieve the objectives of the organization 7. To enhance the credibility of the organization 8. To strengthen the fundraising efforts 9. To get better value for our money 10. To plan for the future and become more financially secure Click here for free resources. Click here for more details.
QS Insight: What the Future Holds for Higher Education after COVID-19
This webinar examined the latest data (as at 22 April 2020) from QS’ student and university surveys to examine how higher education is responding to coronavirus, as well as reviewing the potential impact and how the sector might respond. Click here for more details.
CMDS Organisational Survival Tips webinar
Thank you for joining us on our webinar for Organisational Survival Tips. We trust that it has been a valuable learning experience for you during the turbulent time that we find ourselves in. Click here to watch the recording. 
Online classes and completing the academic year at Wits University
Wits University rolled out online classes on 20 April 2020. EWN spoke to Wits University vice-chancellor Adam Habib and SRC President Thuto Gabaphethe about their views regarding online classes. Click here for more details
Covid-19 and its psychological impact
This is a recording of the webinar hosted on the22nd April 2020. Our hosts Dr Frans Korb and Cassey Chambers hosted a webinar to provide tips, tools, and coping measures for dealing with the psychological impact of COVID–19. The webinar was co hosted by South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) and was sponsored by Dr. Reddy’s Click here for more details
Humentum's webinar on Resource Mobilization
We hope you enjoyed Humentum's webinar on Resource Mobilization within our Africa COVID-19 Support series. You can find the recording linked below. To view the section with presenter Rose Maruru we recorded after, please visit this folder: We will be sending an additional follow-up email with the slides and other resources shortly. Contact for more questions: Sareta Thomas Regional Director, Africa, Humentum AND - Don't miss Humentum's OpEx Africa Online conference Buy one registration and bring a friend for free! Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: Click here to watch the video recording.
SAMEA: The role of Monitoring & Evaluation in Government Interventions: Lessons from the current COVID-19 Pandemic
At the close of 2019 (December) and shortly before New Year 2020 set in, news streamed from Wuhan, China of an outbreak of the now global nuisance –the corona virus (COVID 19). Few people across the world could have picked interest in such a story then but its ravaging impact has almost made every person aware of not only its danger but the various dimensions it y has taken to the global society at ransom. Nobody has the cure yet and most interventions being tried by various countries have not been based on sound evidence; at least from the monitoring and evaluation vocabulary. Click here for more details.
How Nonprofits Are Responding and Adapting to Change During COVID-19
All of us are getting to grips with a new reality in the midst of this global outbreak. Operating models, programs and services, and fundraising strategies all need to pivot or be reimagined. This has meant a lot of change for many, and fast. Every crisis comes with its challenges, but also offers the opportunity for us to come together, and discover new ways to adapt and evolve. Click here for more details.
The Township Challenge | Carte Blanche
The march of COVID-19 continues relentlessly through this country, where government and scientists have issued strenuous warnings about how deadly the highly contagious virus will be if it tears a path through densely constructed informal settlements, where social distancing and frequent handwashing remain challenging. Carte Blanche investigates whether lockdown can slow the virus in communities where millions of South Africans live from hand to mouth. Click here for more details.
The Impact of National Leadership on Covid-19
Daily Maverick’s Associate Editor Ferial Haffajee in conversation with Busisiwe Mavuso, Chief Executive Officer at Business Leadership South Africa, and Dr Petrus de Kock, General Manager: Research at Brand SA discussing how different leadership approaches have impacted the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here for more details.
Backabuddy Crowdfunding seminars to help improve your crowdfunding.
Are you a Charity organisation that wants to learn about Crowdfunding for a good cause? BackaBuddy will be hosting a series of online workshops, bringing you the latest trends and tips for successful crowdfunding. Come join our online workshop and we will teach you how to fundraise! Click here for more details.
ETI & TERS - Relief for your NPO
Recording of our webinar on how NPOs can effectively utilize the ETI & TERS COVID19 Relief. Presented by TPC Audit Partner, Farida Lavangee CA(SA) RA. Click here for more details.
Silicon Cape - Well-Being Community Support Webinar.
Our goal is to equip the Silicon Cape community with pertinent knowledge and information to ensure they are well-informed to cope through the COVID-19 crisis, and to provide a safe platform where all ecosystem community members can share their queries/concerns and be provided with support to enable them to move forward. Click  here to watch online.
The African Academy of Sciences
Topics include • Governments need to invest in human capital, focus on public health infrastructure • Mental Health Aspects of the COVID-19 Crisis in Africa Click here for more details.
Fundraising during lockdown – perspectives from South Africa
In addition to events hosted by the Resource Alliance, below you can find other events and conferences for the social impact community across the globe. We hope you find these #FRO2020 on-demand sessions valuable and are able to share them with your colleagues and wider-networks in order for them to benefit from the learnings too. We are committed to keeping #FRO2020 accessible for our global community of changemakers from 140+ countries. Click here for more details.
Development Dialogue – COVID-19: Reconstruction Post Lockdown
The 2020 forecast for South Africa's economic growth at -7% would be the worst since democracy, and is likely to come with massive job losses and firms closing down. There are however options to mitigate the economic impact of the disease. They include a shift in the macro-economic approach as well as ramping up new industries, including renewables. This Development Dialogue will start with a review of the latest trends in the pandemic and the economy, and then consider at-scale responses to the economic downturn. Click here for more details. 
Going Global webinars
Join the international higher education conversation by watching the virtual events we hosted in June 2020. In these free sessions, our expert panellists will explore this year's conference theme: Global learners, global innovation. Click here for more details.
Enabling digital transformation in South Africa: staying locally and globally competitive in a new era of digital learning
The digital transformation of higher education presents South Africa with a number of exciting opportunities. This webinar will discuss: • How South African universities can increase access through blended and digital learning • Increasing student numbers without sacrificing course quality or overworking university staff • How South Africa’s pivot to “remote multi-modal teaching”, announced by its Ministry of Higher Education, can be enhanced by digital learning • Partnering with government and/or industry to increase students’ access to devices and data • Improving civic engagement through partnerships, skills-based and short courses • The potential of online courses to attract more international students to South African universities The panel will be chaired by Alistair Lawrence, special projects editor at Times Higher Education. Click here for more details.