“Once the context is clearly assessed and understood, the organisation will decide what it intends to do. Will it alleviate poverty; create an open society; enhance democracy; sustain our environment? This forms its vision, its ‘big picture’ contribution to society, and, ultimately, the parameters for the impact of its work.

When an organisation has decided what it wants to achieve, it then has to focus on how it will put this vision into action; that is, it must clarify the mission. There are usually multiple options for the ‘how’ and the organisation has to choose what is most suitable for the context, taking into account its human and financial resources. As the context changes, how an organisation achieves its vision may also change. This flexibility is critical to its sustainability and it’s a key reason why plans set in stone can inhibit and paralyse an organisation.” (- Striking the Rights Chord, p.46)


Judge, M. and Jones, S. (eds). 2012. Striking the Rights Chord: Perspectives on Advancement from Human Rights Organisations in South Africa. Cape Town. Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement

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