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Handy Hints For Hot Desking

Prompted by the pandemic, many managers and start-ups have reconsidered office working spaces. Hot desking is one option – allocating seating to staff as required, rather than each worker established at their own desk. How do...

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Attracting Support For NPOs

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) have always been the backbone of society, but are under huge pressure to deliver even more services as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite their contributions, however, many NPOs are...

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Nurturing Work Environment

Inyathelo Operations Director Feryal Domingo was interviewed on Kaya FM on the importance of growing a nurturing work environment. Listen to Feryal’s conversation with Kaya Biz host Gugulethu Mfuphi:...

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Key considerations for NPO governing bodies

The culture, behaviour and performance of an entire nonprofit organisation depends on the governing body, and on their tone from the top. They need to be motivated, skilled and act in the best interest of the organisation in...

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Considerations for building a strong NPO board

Written by Viola Manuel | Inyathelo board member, strategy and implementation specialist I have had the privilege of sitting on numerous boards, and am often asked where there is the greatest need for training and education...

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