A short interview with Nazli Abrahams

Nazli Abrahams, Inyathelo’s Programme Director, talks about Advancement and how it can be creatively implemented to mobilise resources and raise support. She weaves in some life experiences that brought her to the work of fundraising, sharing how some lessons from her youth, her background in teaching, passion for curriculum development, and extensive travel have all been key to bringing life into the roles she’s played at Inyathelo.

Nazli states quite emphatically that everything around us is absorbed and can be taken as a learning experience. With this in mind, organisations can start to pave their way towards mobilising resources using the Advancement framework as a lens into the various areas that must work together strategically in order to effectively advance their causes.

This podcast is part of the Inyathelo / Fine Music Radio Philanthropy Awareness Campaign podcast series.

Podcasts to follow will continue to unpack the various ways organisations can position themselves for support as we strive to become more sustainable.