Ensuring a quorum and active participation is the key to a successful board meeting. Here are more tips to help manage your board meetings.

  • Make sure all board members understand meeting procedures.
  • Set board meetings on dates and at times when most members can usually attend.
  • Send out the notice of the meeting and the agenda well in advance of the meeting.
  • Ask the CEO/Director and board members to comment on the agenda before finalising it.
  • Check that all members receive and read documents before the meeting, for example, the CEO’s report or a financial report.
  • Confirm attendance with board members to avoid not having a quorum when there are urgent issues to discuss and decide on.
  • Start meeting punctually and manage time effectively by setting specific time for different agenda items and ending the meeting when agreed.
  • Ensure board meetings are well chaired and minutes efficiently taken – this includes accurately summarising each decision or discussion before moving to the next agenda item, and accurately minuting all decisions.