1. “People give to people.  Networking connections, recommendations, introductions and references are extremely useful in finding prospects.”
    Shelagh Gastrow and Amanda Bloch, Identifying Potential Donors, Inyathelo’s Attracting Support Kit for NPOs – ASK
  2. “If you think that fundraising is easy, you are correct.  If you think that fundraising is difficult, you are also correct.”
    Eric Atmore, Associate Professor, Department of Social Development, University of Cape Town
  3. “What makes this country great is not the big men in politics, but the small people in philanthropy.”
    Professor Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State
  4. “We have not started living until we can rise above the narrow confines of our individual concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”
    Martin Luther King Jnr, clergyman, activist and prominent leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement
  5. “A good record of effective Board leadership and organisational oversight goes far in cultivating a donor’s confidence in your organisation.”
    Gabrielle Ritchie, Inyathelo Programme Director
  6. “The first rule in finding new donors is, in fact, to do everything you can to extend the life of your existing donors.”
    Ken Burnett, Relationship Fundraising, Jossey Bass 2002
  7. “Cultivating social media communities today so that they can bear fruit tomorrow is advancement in practice.”
    Ruendree Govinder, e-Communications Consultant and Director of Interiority Consulting
  8. “NPO governing structures are active agents in securing the future vibrancy and sustainability of the NPO sector – a central pillar in our democracy.”
    Melanie Judge, Inyathelo Associate
  9. “Saying thank you is extremely important. It recognises and values the donor’s generosity. It can also be an act of enlightened self-interest in getting donors to feel more warmly about your organisation, and perhaps to consider giving again at some time in the future.”
    Michael Norton, The Worldwide Fundraiser’s Handbook, Directory of Social Change, 2003
  10. The most effective communication channel today is not radio or TV or facebook or twitter or newspapers or websites or newsletters … it is all of them combined, integrated and used together to cut through the clutter and make you heard above the white noise.”
    Sarah Nicklin, Inyathelo Communication and Media Manager