The April-May issue of Business Brief magazine carries a feature on Governance and Accountability, quoting Inyathelo Financial Director Soraya Joonas. “There must be clarity on how board and management roles differ and where board members’ roles begin and end,” says Soraya in the article. Inyathelo’s Good Governance Guide advises that the emphasis should be on “developing internal systems to delegate authority and provide oversight, thereby adapting to a longer term vision and taking into account the different levels of decision making within an organisation.”

But the mere appointment of board members, says Joonas in the article, does not guarantee effective governance and accountability. “Effective governance is achieved through planning and a focused, systematic approach. Regular, well run board meetings are at the core. Decision making must be aligned with the organisation’s core values, focusing on its vision what board members want to see happen and the mission how to achieve it . Board members must bring the right mix of skills and provide financial, legal and ethical oversight. Personal integrity, accountability and transparency, in turn, create public trust and confidence,” she says.

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