“Your board is like a ship’s captain responsible for steering your organisation through stormy or calm waters, and keeping an eye on your NPO’s future survival and improvement.” – Attracting Support Kit for NPOs: Book 1.

There are many reasons to have a board and Mignon Hardie, Executive Director of FunDza Literacy Trust shared 8 reasons.

Boards are necessary for your organisation as they:

  • show that you are compliant with legal structures;
  • are able to appoint the required leadership;
  • have the ability to give direction;
  • can oversee financials;
  • are able to enhance the organisation’s image;
  • uphold the purpose of the organisation;
  • can provide legitimacy to the organisation; and
  • inspire trust in the organisation.


When looking for an ideal board, some of the questions to ask are:

  • How does legal structure impact board selection?
  • What is a ‘good’ board size?
  • What are ‘good’ personal qualities that would complement your organisation?
  • What are useful professional attributes that you require within your board?

With these reasons and key questions in mind, it may be time for you to assess your board as it currently stands using the Non-Profit Governance Questionnaire. Click here to do this!

Source: Adapted from Mignon Hardie’s Advancement Academy Presentation (2015): Effective Relationship Management – An exploration of stewarding multiple stakeholders while managing your board.