A note on measuring performance by Isobel Frye, Director, Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute.

Organisations must consider how they judge their own performance and indicators. That’s not about how you’re spinning yourself as being effective, but how you know, institutionally, that you’re effective as a human rights organisation. What is lacking is the human rights sector is an understanding of what our theory of change is and translating that into activities, and then being able to set up indicators – which not only reflect whether activities have happened, but also whether the change they were meant to effect has taken, or is taking, place and whether those activities need to change.


Judge, M. and Jones, S. (eds). 2012. Striking the Rights Chord: Perspectives on Advancement from Human Rights Organisations in South Africa. Cape Town. Inyathelo: The South African Institute for Advancement.

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Author: Isobel Frye, Director, Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute