As a follow up to Inyathelo’s Get Resourceful session on Monitoring and Evaluation, panelist Alex O’Donoghue gathered this collection of resources from around the internet.

Helpful Resources:

American Evaluation Association
South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association
Social Impact Assessment Portal, by Mckinsey on Society
Learning Driven Assessment Workbook, by Mckinsey on Society
Measuring Effectiveness: A six year summary of methodology and findings,
Confidence: a Monitoring and Evaluation Resource, The DG Murray Trust
Advocacy Capacity Tool, by Bolder Advocacy
Hands on Learning Briefs, The DG Murray Trust
111 Low-Cost or Free Online Tools for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Tech for Good (loads of free tools with options for collecting and capturing data)
* A best practice example from the Human Sciences Research Council


* “M&E for Advancement: learning to tell our stories

M&E Case studies: 

Fundza Literacy
Using stories to illustrate change


Theory of Change: how we effect change
Logic Model: what we do and how
Inputs: what resources are committed
Outputs: what do we produce or deliver
Indicators: what we use to stay on course
Inputs: what we use to do the work
Activities: what do we do
Outcomes: what we wish to achieve
Impacts: what we aim to change


Author: Alex O’Donoghue, Development Co-ordinator, Inyathelo.