Steph Drahozal, a Marketing Coordinator shares some of the stresses that are faced by social media managers in an environment where social media is constantly changing. Keeping up with all the changes is difficult,and she shares her challenges when managing social media.

It’s almost impossible to keep up; there is always a new tool to use and there is always a temptation to be on every social media channel. Steph advises – avoid it, don’t do it.

It is always important to note that managing social media is not just a 9-5 job, it’s more of 24/7 job! One needs to constantly be creative, alert to changes, and aware that a “Grammar Police” is constantly on the prowl. Editing, cross-checking and avoiding typos is ongoing. The job is not easy – and contrary to popular belief, managing social media is not all fun and games. Also note – response time is what keeps you relevant, and for that reason, you have to always strive to be at your best (avoid being rude and snarky), and ready to respond to questions and status updates as and when they pop up.

Most people manage their personal social media accounts as well as an organisational account: one of the biggest fears is posting from the wrong one. Be sure you know who is saying what and from where – always, #ExerciseCaution.

Read the full article, originally published on September 12, 2014 at this link.


10 Stresses of a Social Media Manager, Steph Drahozal

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