Some questions to help you understand your current donor/support pool:

Build relationships intentionally:

Your approach to building these relationships should be underpinned by an understanding of who is currently supportive of your work, as well as commitment to building ongoing support. Intentional relationship building therefore requires continued reflection on:

  • Ability – do they have money/support to give?
  • Belief – do they care about your issue/cause?
  • Contact – do they have a relationship with you? (The first encounter is very important: based on what you find out about reputation/other people’s experience, either of you can decide to commit or walk away.)

Also important is to decide who will represent your organisation in the external environment. These reflections should hopefully help to inform the strategies you need to employ to steward relationships at different levels.

Click here for ideas on stewardship at different tiers.

Adapted from the 2014 Inyathelo Advancement Academy Presentation on Individual Giving Presentation; presented by Meaka Biggs and Stephanie Sluka Brauer.