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Ten ways to position yourself for support

Positioning an organisation for investment is a deliberate strategy that uses your unique characteristics and demonstrated success, to ensure on-going support. Here are ten of the key questions you can ask to check that you are on the right path.

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Ten thoughts on Philanthropy

1.  “It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela 2. “Whilst we perceive people who operate in the non-profit sector as activists, in many ways philanthropists are the second-tier activists, playing their role to promote change in a different way” – Shelagh Gastrow, Inyathelo Executive Director 3. “A philanthropist is a person who shares wealth and heart, time and skills with those who really need human development” – Dudu Myeni, Inyathelo Award for Women in Philanthropy 2007 4. “Just give” – Amanda Bloch, Inyathelo Award for Philanthropy in Health 2007 5. “From not having anything to having a little bit of something has given them this power to be something, to be someone, and to be recognised not within themselves, but within their communities” – Kanchana Moodliar, Inyathelo Award for Youth in Philanthropy 2011 6. “I’m trying to bring back the culture of Ubuntu, the culture of compassion” – Gcwalisile Kabanyane, Inyathelo Community Philanthropy Awardee 2011 7. “Children are in a war in poverty and if you take one child in a lineage out of poverty – you’ve take the lineage out of poverty” – Con and Marion Cloete, Inyathelo Family Philanthropy Awardees 2011 8. “You give to receive; I believe in that really. I think it’s everybody’s duty; everybody’s privilege, who’s in the position to give anything, must give”. – Renier van Rooyen, Inyathelo Lifetime Philanthropy Awardee 2011 9. “The message I have for all...

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Ten thoughts on Advancement

“People give to people.  Networking connections, recommendations, introductions and references are extremely useful in finding prospects.” Shelagh Gastrow and Amanda Bloch, Identifying Potential Donors, Inyathelo’s Attracting Support Kit for NPOs – ASK “If you think that fundraising is easy, you are correct.  If you think that fundraising is difficult, you are also correct.” Eric Atmore, Associate Professor, Department of Social Development, University of Cape Town “What makes this country great is not the big men in politics, but the small people in philanthropy.” Professor Jonathan Jansen, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State “We have not started living until we can rise above the narrow confines of our individual concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Martin Luther King Jnr, clergyman, activist and prominent leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement “A good record of effective Board leadership and organisational oversight goes far in cultivating a donor’s confidence in your organisation.” Gabrielle Ritchie, Inyathelo Programme Director “The first rule in finding new donors is, in fact, to do everything you can to extend the life of your existing donors.” Ken Burnett, Relationship Fundraising, Jossey Bass 2002 “Cultivating social media communities today so that they can bear fruit tomorrow is advancement in practice.” Ruendree Govinder, e-Communications Consultant and Director of Interiority Consulting “NPO governing structures are active agents in securing the future vibrancy and sustainability of the NPO...

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