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Identifying potential board members

Once the strengths, gaps and needs of the NPO have been identified, the board will be in a better position to identify the kind of people it would seek to recruit to the board. This process enables the board to focus the search on those people who meet specific needs. 

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Starting the board recruitment process

Recruitment is a two-way process in which it is as important for an existing board and the NPO to make a good impression on a potential board member as it is for the potential board member’s skills and values to suit the organisation’s needs. To start, the board should have a well-prepared strategy.

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Who are we accountable to?

The broader accountability framework of NPOs should also be explained to boards. It has been suggested, in terms of broader accountability framework, that NPOs are at least four ways in which an NPO is accountable.

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Should I start an NGO?

Considering setting up a non-profit? See if this questionnaire will help you decide whether you should go ahead and found a organisation:

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Setting a clear vision and mission

Once the context is clearly assessed and understood, the organisation will decide what it intends to do. This quick read will help you to set a clear and long term vision and the ways you can put this vision to action.

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