Following from our Tips for Sound Proposal Writing, consider some of these suggestions made by various practitioners when it comes to presenting the budget in your proposal:

  1. Ensure that the relationship between the proposal and organisational budget is clear.
  2. State precisely what you need.
  3. Offer an explanation of the line items: this allows for an understanding of how the budget will be spent.
  4. The narrative should complement the budget so align the proposed work to the budget presented.
  5. If parts of the organisations are already funded, it may be worthwhile to reflect this. This offers an opportunity to show prospective supporters that other donors have confidence in the work that you are doing.

For additional resources:

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In addition, you are welcome to download our pocket guides on Budgeting for Sustainability and Proposal Writing.

*The content in this article has been compiled with input from our recent proposal writing sessions conducted by Gillian Mitchell (Inyathelo Associate).